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Design your Job Search


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sáb 17, 2020 07:06:41 AM

Did you ever wonder what your job search strategy is? Are you one of the people who apply to all the vacancies they see? Do you only apply to those where you meet 100% of the requirements? 

If you felt identified with any of these questions, this article is for you. The job search process can be a time of great uncertainty and sometimes generates anxiety and even anguish. It´s important that you take time to design your search, in this opportunity we give you some techniques that can help you.

In order to find the job you are looking for it´s important you know what you are looking for. It seems obvious, but it´s not, it´s very easy to lose focus and start applying to jobs that don´t really interest us. 

We asked Pamela Mendoza, a Human Resources consultant with more than 10 years of experience in leading companies, to share with us some techniques you can use to identify your path:

"No wind will be favorable for those who do not know which port they are heading to."

Planning your career allows you to identify the "port" you want to reach and develop professional goals in the short and long term. Research shows that planning is associated with more successful careers and a higher level of job satisfaction, and consequently, a better quality of life.

When you start the job search you should focus on finding a job and an organization according to your purpose and the goals you have. Be the main character of your own career! There are no right or wrong paths, go ahead and design yours. 


¿What tools can help you identify your own path?

1. Continuous self-knowledge

Just as the world changes rapidly and constantly, people are also transforming. That is why career planning is not a process that is done only once in life but is a continuous activity that you must rethink at each stage of your life.

What should your career plan include? Your skills and talents, values, interests and desired lifestyle. Some questions that can help you think are: 

  • What lifestyle do I want to lead?

  • What are the skills that differentiate me?

  • What values are important to me?

  • Is the position I want to apply for consistent with my desired values, skills, interests, and lifestyle?


2. Research the context and the market

It´s important to keep this in mind to make sound and realistic decisions.

You may ask yourself:

  • What is the current and future labor demand for the position to which you want to apply or the field in which you want to develop?

  • Is it a field with little or a great offer of professionals?

  • What skills are required?


3. Prioritize your options

Take the time to prioritize the different proposals that are presented to you in your job search. Which ones represent the best balance between your short and long-term career goals, your career path and your skills? The ideal luggage to travel your way is flexibility: the position you are applying to may not be the job of your dreams, but does it bring you closer to the goal you set? Iterate and redefine your career plan and job search whenever necessary.

Lastly, establishing strategic personal and professional networks that help you think about future priorities, new challenges and accompany you in professional development is key.

Don´t forget that every step in your professional development counts, if you only focus on the destination port you are at risk of not enjoying the intermediate stations;)

Thanks for your tips, Pame!

Grab a sheet (open a document!) And ask yourself all these questions to design your professional future. And don't forget what we want it´s important, but the way we communicate it is more important.

What are your networks saying about you? Are you telling the story you want to tell? Check your profiles: LinkedIn, CV and portfolio. Dare to tell your story, see the tips in our Storytelling article.

You have doubts? Contact us and we will help you :)

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Quiz: ¿Qué tipo de profesional digital eres?

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